Microbiology Research Conference

December 3-4, 2018
Valencia, Spain
Hotel Medium Valencia

Welcome Note

Welcome Message by Jose S. Torrecilla

Fruit of a constantly developing and changing world, fraudulent activities are becoming harder to track in many sectors and trying to ensure higher quality standards and safety is vital. This becomes even more relevant in those fields which can be directly related to health, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and so on. In this sense, in the food sector, it becomes crucial to counter practices like adulteration which may not only affect the consumers’ wallet, but also their health.
To catch up with these illicit actions, progress and creation of advanced technological tools to maintain a proper quality control of foods should also contemplate the detection of any fraudulent activity covering from the raw material all the way until the final purchase. This is the reason why this research is a required task for public administration.
This technology is usually based on dependable analytical systems combined with reliable software, enabling the design of powerful chemometric tools to carry out the mentioned tasks. This is all intended to serve a dual purpose: to locate and dissuade illegal and dangerous activities in the food sector while protecting the consumers. For this reason, the present conference represents an excellent opportunity to share the knowledge in this field and try to raise awareness about these issues as well as the tools to fight them.

Welcome Message by Amparo Gamero Lluna

 I am pleased to inform that Madridge International Conferences is organizing the European Microbiology Research Conference, which is going to be held during 3-5 of December 2018 at Valencia, Spain.
Microbiology is a very broad discipline presenting multiple applications. It is possible to focus, on one hand, in the beneficial effects of microorganisms, such as food producers through fermentations, as enzyme and other metabolites producing factories or as probiotic microbiota members. However, it is also possible to focus in the negative effects, microorganisms as pathogens agents causing multiple diseases in human and animals or as spoilage agents in food industry. 
Furthermore, research tools in the Microbiology field have experienced and enormous development in the last years. The change from traditional cultivation, isolation and identification methods to the modern molecular techniques such as next generation sequencing has involved a huge easiness in conducting research in this field and has enormously increased research possibilities. 
For all these reasons, a conference focused in Microbiology become really relevant for the scientific community. It is the best way of sharing knowledge and allowing open discussions with scientists all over the world with the final aim of improving research methods and increasing knowledge in a reliable way to be spread to the entire society.
Personally, I am conducting the Workshop "Recent Advances in Diet and Microbiota" in the conference in order to present the last scientific research in this exciting topic. The human gastrointestinal tract is sterile during gestation and it is colonized in the moment of birth. From birth until the 3 to 5 years of life, the microbiota diversity increases until adulthood, where it is more stable. However, diet, life style, gastrointestinal infections, antibiotic treatments, surgery, etc. can affect microbiota composition. Diet has a major role in modulate microbiota composition. Recent investigations points out that following adequate diet patterns can mitigate certain chronic diseases and increase life quality. The different nutrients and diet components determine enormously the genera and species of microorganisms present in our microbiota and thus our health status.
In addition to this workshop, other colleagues are presenting their respective research in a huge diversity of topics related to microbiology: antibacterial activities, infectious diseases, bioremediation, biofuel, food fermentations, etc.
I hope that this conference would enlighten us on the different aspects of the subject and help in formulating strategies for further improvement.
On behalf of Madridge Conferences, I am privileged to welcome all the delegates, dignitaries, scientists and the research scholars to the European Microbiology Research Conference during Dec 3-5, 2018 at Valencia, Spain.
I wish a grand success for the conference.



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